Feb. 2nd, 2012

The Names engraved on the back of Conlan's shield

For those we've lost... )

Apr. 7th, 2011

Character Information

It's a secret to everybody... )

Mar. 20th, 2011

Conlan application

You'll have to create a whole new system of punctuation for sarcasm )

Oct. 21st, 2010

Still under construction, order not fixed, and summeries required.

Conlan has seen many faces, who enter and exit his life at a rather rapid pace. )

Oct. 13th, 2010

Conlan Soundtrack

Do you know what the definition of a hero is? Somebody who gets other people killed. )

Mar. 4th, 2010

And now for something completely different; Pirates

So... I guess thanks to Vi, not that different. But for the most part this has nothing to do with Grey Wardens, so if you've no interest Do not click this cuttext. I mean it. If you don't wanna read about my pirate webcomic, Leave now! )

Jan. 12th, 2010

Conlan meme

Hey, I did this cause I wanted to, not cause everyone else did it. I'm no sheep. Stop looking at me like that. You know what? Fine! There I took out some sections just to spite you. Not good enough? Fine I'll add things no one else did! What do you think about that?

Besides the way I did it was awesome. )

Dec. 23rd, 2009

OOC Contact Post

So I don't have the fancy pictures like everyone else, but I love working out plots and interaction with other players so feel free to drop me a line.

Dec. 22nd, 2009

Conlan Delaine Biography )